Service for Joint Affairs

Prilaz Gjure Deželića 30

Phone +385 1 4851700

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. –  4 p.m.

Head of the Service for Joint Affairs:

Petra Šparica, MSc in Geology
Phone: +385 1 4851700
E-mail address:

The Service performs tasks of common interest for all natural history departments of the Museum, i.e. it manages, processes and protects book and archival materials, handles them, performs publishing and propaganda activities, performs activities necessary for publishing the Museum’s journal, and carries out pedagogical and educational tasks.

The Educational Unit is part of the Service of Joint Affairs. Its task is to promote the Museum and its materials with its programs and activities so that as many visitors as possible visit the Museum. Moreover, it has to provide different levels of information about the Museum for visitors of different ages and with different levels of knowledge. Last but not least, it is tasked with making the stay in the Museum enjoyable for visitors by transforming it into an educational and entertaining experience.

The Service was founded in 1987 after the establishment of the Croatian Natural History Museum. In three former Museums, from which the present Museum was formed, educational work was performed by curators, and their work mainly consisted of contacts with educational institutions and guided tours. More systematic work with visitors of all ages began in the mid-1990s, when more thorough projects for older kindergarten children and primary and secondary school students began to be organized. Cooperation with schools and kindergartens extended to cooperation with cultural centers, libraries, retirement homes, hospitals, and many other institutions. All of them, through the Museum’s facilities, and through lectures, mobile exhibitions, or workshops, expand their knowledge about nature, and especially about the ways and possibilities of its protection.

Museum curators – educators, biologist Eduard Kletečki, PhD, and geologist Renata Brezinščak, MSc in Geology, in cooperation with the Museum’s expert staff (experts in mineralogy, petrology, geology, paleontology, botany, biology, ecology, etc.) design, lead and organize various educational and creative programs and activities intended for visitors and the general public. For example, some of the activities include the usual guided tours through displays and exhibitions, lectures, workshops, playrooms, research in nature, mobile exhibitions for kindergartens, schools and other institutions that want to learn more about the natural history.

You can acquire all the necessary information on educational programs and activities and on how to join them by e-mail:

Renata Brezinščak, PhD, MSc in Geology, museum advisor
E-mail address:
Petra Šparica, MSc in Geology, museum educator
E-mail address:

Croatian Natural History Museum’s Library

Within this Unit, there is also the Croatian Natural History Museum’s library, which is managed by Darija Ćaleta, MSc in Geology, library advisor.
E-mail adress:
E-mail adress:

More information about the library, the library collection, and work with users can be found at Library

Branimir Ivić, MSc in Economics, Head of the Marketing Department
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Martin Glavinić, expert associate for marketing and public relations
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Marina Višić Vranjković, Msc in Geology, documentalist

Natura Croatica
Within this Unit, there is also the editorial board of the scientific journal Natura Croatica.