New museum and storages

The museum renovation project covers reconstruction and expansion of the Amadeo Palace, the museum is getting a new permanent display, modern presentation and multimedia equipment, new laboratories equipped with modern technology as well as a new multimedia hall that will be available to all museum users.

The overall renovation of the museum includes construction works, complete replacement of all installations, improved thermal insulation, with the use of more efficient energy systems. In the reconstructed palace, unimpeded access is ensured for the movement of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility.


Additional space for the expansion of the new permanent display of the Croatian Natural History Museum was achieved by relocating the entire museum fundus to the new storages in Novi Petruševac, and new activities are achieved with the museum's covered atrium, a new multimedia hall, new laboratories and an underground exhibition annex, which significantly improves the capacities of the tourist offer of the City of Zagreb.


There is also a new entrance to the museum via Vraz Promenade, the link between green Tuškanac and urban Demetrova Street, which will play an important role in the revitalization of the Upper Town core. The space from Vraz Promenade will also be used for the introduction of natural history content with an emphasis on the "Botany on Tuškanac". For the first time, the museum is getting a modern museum souvenir shop and catering facility.


In the new permanent display, visitors will be able to see a number of representative exhibits from numerous museum collections with accompanying graphics, maps, illustrations, photographs, as well as multimedia interactive presentations related to the thematic unit. The multimedia hall will provide an interactive presentation of existing and new content on the topic of Croatia's rich natural history heritage.


Modernly equipped laboratories will provide an introduction to the basic methods of work in biological and geological science, which have not been shown publicly until now. Within the interactive laboratory, with the possibility of working "in situ", users will be able to create new values for natural history themselves. Through the new permanent display, laboratories and museum workshops, part of the scientific activities will be opened to the public in cooperation with educational institutions, which will enable active work for pupils and students.


Educational workshops intended for primary and high school students will contribute to arousing curiosity about the natural world, while content for all ages will contribute to natural science literacy, an important tool for understanding the physical and natural world and placing natural science in a social and cultural context.




The Croatian Natural History Museum keeps its exhibits in a modern storage equipped according to world standards.


Since 2020, the storages of the Croatian Natural History Museum have been located in Novi Petruševac, on the outskirts of Zagreb. 1.34 million museum exhibits are kept on 2000 square meters. Museum storages are arranged according to recent museum standards, adapted to the sensitive materials that the museum takes care of; relative humidity, temperature, adequate lighting and isolation from dust and pests.


On the two floors of the building, in 26 rooms, most of which are intended for the museum fundus, there are work rooms for curators, a quarantine area, cold stores for materials, a preparatory workshop and a DNA laboratory, and there is also a room for storing radioactive minerals and chemicals.


Storages in Novi Petruševac are the largest specialized museum depots in Croatia. The storage is equipped with archival racks, drawers, entomological and archival storage boxes and other materials necessary for the successful relocation and storage of museum materials and inventory.